Pull Down Attic Stairs Cover

I have long known I should have some type of cover over the pull down attic stairs in my home, but didn’t like the price associated with the systems I have seen….until recently!

While looking in the attic of a home with clients, I saw a simple cover made of styrofoam and HVAC duct tape that was easy to remove and put back in place when finished being in the attic.  I asked the homeowner about it and he said he had seen a drop in his heating bill at soon as he had installed it.  After visting a local home improvment store and spending $35, I now have my own cover in place…..sure beats the other alternative systems costing several hundred dollars.  If interested on how to make your own, drop me an email at Buddy@BuddyBankston.com.

PS- My Clients did buy the house.

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