Winter Is Coming….Tips To Get Ready

I am often asked what should be done to get a home ready for winter.  While there are many tips and/or suggestions, I found the following article to be very informative and hope you will enjoy it.  Click on the link at the end to get addtional information.


Get Comfortable With This Heating and Cooling Checklist

from Charles     Hudson

You can     have the most beautiful home on the block, but if it’s cold and drafty in     the winter or hot and sticky in the summer, you’ll end up hating the place.

Nothing is     better than always coming home to a house that is truly comfortable and     making a house feel like that is a job anyone can do.

Being     comfortable in your home is something that you don’t really notice until     there’s a problem. Maintaining a certain level of temperature and humidity     requires a home that has proper insulation, a well-maintained HVAC system     and quality weatherstripping.

Assuming     your house is properly insulated, here’s a quick checklist to maintain your     HVAC and temperature control systems that will keep it humming along and     problem free throughout the year.

Cleaning Filters
Heating and air-conditioning systems rely on a filter to strain dust and     lint out of the airstream. Replacing and/or cleaning the filters is easy,     but the hard part is remember to do so. Use your Google Calendar or any     other calendar that allows you to set a recurring event and set an event to     check your filter every 90 days.

Choosing and     Maintaining a Forced Air Heating System
All forced-air heaters including oil, propane or natural gas, require     regular maintenance to ensure the heat exchanger and flue are in good     working condition. If you’ve got new construction or are replacing a     heating system, go with a top brand like Lennox which should be professionally installed. It     doesn’t make sense to cut corners with a cheaper unit that will cost you     more money down the road. Look for units that are ENERGY STAR rated and you could also be due a     government rebate as well as savings on your utility bill.

Maintaining     Hydronic Heating Systems
Hydronic heating systems use heated water instead of air and pump it     through a piping system to radiators located in rooms throughout the house.     These systems require regular maintenance and older systems will last a     long time if cared for but even after a cleaning they are typically only running     at 50-65% efficiency compared to newer boilers which operate at 85% efficiency. If     you’re hydronic heating system is pre-1970 then you’ll also need to regular     check the expansion tank to make sure it’s at the proper level.

Servicing     Air-Conditioning
Central AC is made up of an air handler inside and a condenser outside. The     filter on the air handler should be changed once a year to keep it from     clogging and the outdoor condensers should be free of leaves and branches     which can block vents. Here are 5 tips to     keep your air-conditioning unit running strong.

Maintaining     Chimneys
We all love a toasty fireplace, but chimney maintenance should not be     ignored. Creosote buildup is a fire hazard, especially with wood burning     fireplaces, so schedule a chimney sweep at least once a year or more to     keep your chimney clean. Before starting a fire for the winter make sure     and look up through the chimney to see if a nest or branches stuck inside.     Keep the damper closed whenever the fire is off to prevent loss of heat in     the room.

Ceiling Fans
Fans can be used to great effect to maintain a comfortable home and are     virtually maintenance free. Dust them often and oil them when needed and     your fan should last a long time.

Temperature     Controls
It makes sense to invest in a high-quality thermostat and temperature     control unit. These can be programmed to maintain different temperatures     throughout the day and night to achieve maximum comfort level and savings.     We recently featured the Lennox     iComfort which is wi-fi enabled and allows you to check and     maintain your home’s temperature from anywhere. If wi-fi isn’t for you there     are plenty of other thermostat control options from Lennox that will fit     a variety of budgets but all offer great performance.

Do you have any tips to     share that help you keep your home cozy?

Please visit the link below for a video on     what to expect when inviting an HVAC contractor into your home.





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